Formed By Electric Cooperatives To Serve With Solutions

SEDC Is Rooted In Community. Here’s Why!

In the early 70’s, only one company was thinking about the future of utilities. That company was SEDC, which started with the goal of creating a paper billing system combined with a computerized billing and Capital Credits history.

To that end, SEDC was formed as a Cooperative Corporation, for the benefit of its Member/Owners. There were nineteen Member Coops when SEDC officially opened for business, and we worked tirelessly to make sure that their trust in us was not misplaced.

During the 70’s, the focus was on hardware. Our computers could fill an entire room, and cost over a million dollars! But we knew that wouldn’t last, so we made it a priority to always stay one step ahead of the latest technology – and that innovative spirit still drives SEDC today.

While computers shrunk, we constantly expanded to include industry-leading Accounting, Engineering, and Operations services in our utility software solutions, as well as unrivaled integration with an ever-growing list of outside vendors.

As technology continues to advance and the alternatives to power keep growing, SEDC remains an industry leader by anticipating those changes and developing innovative solutions. Through collaborative efforts, SEDC and ATS are in the process of developing a revolutionary software solution called Meridian.

This powerful platform will encompass everything a utility needs for its day-to-day operations. It will offer solutions like mobile workforce, meter data management, document imaging, electronic audit trails, an automated business rules engine, advanced analytics, user-customizable dashboards and landing pages, and a variety of other useful integrations.