SEDC has provided utilities with cutting-edge billing and accounting solutions for four decades. We believe that with each technological innovation, there is an opportunity to streamline workflow and improve business efficiency. Our utility software suite, utilityPOWERnet (UPN), reflects this philosophy, and delivers a vast array of CIS Billing and BIS Accounting functions – as well as unparalleled integration points for the industry’s leading products.

To fulfill all your utility software needs, SEDC’s sister companies provide even more Engineering and Operations functions. Futura Systems integrates an advanced suite of GIS tools, including web-based mapping, staking, field inspection and asset management. Arista Information Systems offers a complete billing solution which offers both printed and electronic bill delivery and works in tandem with SEDC’s industry-leading software.

SEDC operates as a Sub Chapter T Corporation with over 250 member utilities throughout North America. Our top commitment is to our customers – and our customers are our greatest resource, since our entire output is based on their needs and requests.

A History of Service to the Utility Industry

In the early 70’s, only one company was thinking about the future of utilities. That company was SEDC, which started with the goal of creating a paper billing system combined with a computerized billing and Capital Credits history. To that end, SEDC was formed as a Cooperative Corporation, for the benefit of its Member/Owners. There were nineteen Member Coops when SEDC officially opened for business, and we worked tirelessly to make sure that their trust in us was not misplaced.

During the 70’s, the focus was on hardware. Our computers could fill an entire room, and cost over a million dollars! But we knew that wouldn’t last, so we made it a priority to always stay one step ahead of the latest technology – and that innovative spirit still drives SEDC today. While computers shrunk, we constantly expanded to include industry-leading Accounting, Engineering, and Operations services in our utility software solutions, as well as unrivaled integration with an ever-growing list of outside vendors.

Now, nearly forty years since SEDC was founded, we program software instead of hardware, and serve over 250 Member Utilities throughout North America. But the one thing that’s never changed is our commitment to our members. We still strive to provide innovative products, unbeatable customer service, and always keep one eye fixed firmly on the future.

And our original nineteen Members are still with us.